Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas,
Well the holidays are well on there way and the Christmas Play is over. The children worked very hard and did a terrific job singing and dancing during the play.
 I pray that you and your families have a fabulous break.  If you have time or are bored study your multiplication facts.  I will see you all in the New Year,
K. Robson

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Costumes for Christmas play:  Children need Elf or Santa hats, their uniforms, they can also add a scarf, gloves, or elf shoes to their uniforms.
The Christmas Concert is on Thursday,  There will be a closed dress rehearsal tomorrow.   They should wear their costumes. 
Children must have their costumes for the matinee on Thursday and the evening performance.  The evening performance will start at 7:00 Children should be in the classroom by 6:30,   The doors at the youth center open at 6:30, as well. 

If the children are in a dance as well they will need a second costume
list of dances and costumes is below

All God's Creatures have A Place in the Choir:  Elf costumes  children can wear bright coloured  pants, shirts, dresses and elf hats.
The cup song:  Elf costumes
They Good Old Hockey Game:  Hockey gear (provided)
Jingle Bells the Crazy Frog: school clothes with Santa or Elf hat optional
I'll be home with Bells on:  school clothes or elf costumes

Saturday, 14 December 2013

December 14, 2013
Thankyou for all the birthday wishes!
Homework this weekend:
Correct and sign spelling test

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

December 11, 2013: Homework
Read pages 74 - 79
Do questions 1,2, 3, and 4 page 179
Grammar from yesterday
Spelling assigned Monday Chapter 12:  3 pages
Costumes for Christmas play:  Children need Elf or Santa hats, their uniforms, they can also add a scarf, gloves, or elf shoes to their uniforms.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Homework December 8,2013
-Correct and sign spelling test
Enjoy the weekend

Thursday, 5 December 2013

December 5, 2013
-study for Lesson 11 Spelling  Test tomorrow
-correct and get Lesson 10's Spelling Test signed.

Tomorrow is a colour day for the children.   They can come dressed in Christmas colours tomorrow if they bring a donation to the "Food Bank"or a donation to "Fill the Crib."
Tomorrow is also the Christmas Party and Hot Lunch.  The festivities will begin with Hot Lunch, lunch recess and then the Christmas Party.  Whoo hoo!
Congratulations Grade 4 Choir on your participation in today's celebrations at the Surrey Library.  You were fantastic!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tonight's homework:

-finish, correct, and get speed test signed
-spelling due tomorrow Lesson 11 (4 pages)
-if able send a donation (baby diapers, clothing etc.) in for fill the crib

If you are in choir, dress warmly tomorrow, we are walking to the city hall to sing in the afternoon.  you must wear your complete school uniform for this performance ( white shirt, pants or skirt, and official school sweater no hoodies).
The Grade 4 class needs a santa hat, elf hat or other accessories for christmas concert Dec. 19th.  On the 19th we have a afternoon performance ( to work out the quirks) and a evening performance.  Some children are also involved in a dance too and may need another costume.   Please ask your child to check with their choreographer.  

Monday, 2 December 2013

Work for today December 2, 2013:
Spelling lesson 11- 4 pages this work is due Thursday
Math work pages 19 to 24- We have been working on these pages for the 2 days so the majority of this work should already be completed.
Religion: pages 66 and 67